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Thursday, 23 February 2012

14 Tips Berhenti Merokok

Okay guys,today Hann going to share a tips How can we stop smoking,sound like weird right ?
Actually It's hard to stop smoking, because it is an addiction. But maybe these tips you guys can use to reduce smoking here is it :

1.Beginning of therapy, replace cigarettes with candy, it usually helps solve all idlemouths.
Volunteer anti-smoking campaigns, because it can bear responsibility for yourselfnot to smoke according to his own advocacy.

2.Read books, articles,or newspapers about the harmful effects of smoking, so you will be horrified and afraid of the impact of smoking.

3.Go to the hospital, especially the lungs hospital and see if most of them smoked ornot, and certainly their most obvious are the smokers.

4.Keep your environment always are air conditioned and this will make you difficult to smoke. Bedroom, living room and den all try air-conditioned.

4.Buy cheap cigarettes so that addition can save money, and tired of smoking,because it's relatively bad.

5.Keep thinking about cigarettes switch to work hard if used while smoking, such assports, work at the pump (since banned Gan and can fire).

7. Dont bring lighters to take it anywhere because when cigarette smoking without the intention to cancel a match.

8.looking for a wife who hates smoking

9.Pray let the price of cigarettes is getting expensive then you cant afford to buy it. hehe :P

10.Write on your forehead writing NO SMOKING! I'll continue to remember.

11.Stay away from stores that sell cigarettes.

P/s :Life is simple,you make choices and you dont look back. try these tips guys :)

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